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Thursday April 19, 2018 - Monterey Salinas Business Directory & Visitor's Guide

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Site Help & Frequently Asked Questions


What is is a local area business directory and portal with business listings, community calendar, local weather, movie listings with showtimes and lots of other useful information.

How do I add an event to the Community Events Calendar?
Use our Monterey Community Calendar Event Submission Form. Once recieved we will post your event pending approval and verification. Currently we are not accepting open houses, or ribbon cutting events. Enhancement
MontereyBiz is ''Answers Enabled''. To receive a definition of a term used, or to get more info on any item, simply double click on the word. Go ahead and try it now! Double click on the phrase: ''Naked Mole Rat''.

Search Questions:

How do I find a business listing on
Use the Search box on our main page to look for businesses in a city or town based on the type of business or the name of the company. You can also select a category from the list of our most common categories by clicking the category name.

How does the Detailed Search work?
The Detailed Search lets you narrow your search further, to specific streets, ZIP Codes, or telephone area codes.

Advertising Questions:

How do I get my business listed on
It's easy to get your business listed on! Simply fill out our contact form and someone will contact you with several opptions to suit your needs.


    As we continue to improve, your opinions and feedback can help us with this process.

    What features would you like to see added? What advanced search features would be helpful?

    Let us know as our mission is to be your number one choice for information on the Monterey Peninsula.

Local Business Spotlight - Monterey, CA

  Laguna Seca Golf Club - Monterey, CA

  Wells Fargo Bank - Prunedale - Prunedale, CA

  Dr. Donald E. Gibbs - Chiropractor - Seaside, CA

  Randy's Sandwich Shop - Monterey, CA

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